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AMC Boring Bar

At Entech our friendly and helpful staff have over 70 years experience in the trade and are very passionate about looking after your needs. The AMC Boring Bar is used primarily for boring cylinders in cylinder blocks, machining counter bores or sleeving cylinders.

This machine is used when a cylinder is damaged or when the block is at its maximum oversize.
By fitting a cylinder sleeve a cylinder block can be reused when it would normally be replaced.
This machine can also be used on other applications where a straight parallel cylinder is required. Contact us on 0800 533 300 to discuss a package that suits you.

Bosch Fuel Injection Test Bench with DETEQ electronic injection tester

Entech has been in the fuel injection industry since 1999, we have recently purchased test equipment to test electronic fuel pumps.

SERDI S4.0 Valve Seating Machine

The Serdi S4 Power is one of the most accurate valve seat machines on the market. This machine is used for cutting valve seats, boring out cylinder heads to take valve seat inserts and machining heads to take replacement valve guides.

This machine is very useful in performance valve seat and porting work. This machine gives us the capability to cut a valve seat from 14mm up to 120mm. (Motorcross head to large marine diesel cylinder heads)

Entech NZ- Heslops Nelson

Sunnen Power Honing SV10

The Sunnen SV-10 power hone is the latest and greatest honing machine to come out of Sunnen.
This machine gives the highest quality finish and enables us to hone out cylinders to final size without boring out first.
This machine can be used for cylinder blocks, hydraulic cylinders and compressor barrels.